Doral Forest Park is a proposed residential development at the northern gateway to the District of Saanich. The two-building proposal is a reflection of a thoughtful design process that resulted in a building concept that is customized to its surroundings and site to complement neighbouring residences and honour the surrounding forest and parkland.

New Homes, Affordable Homes

The 242 new homes at Doral Forest Park would bring much-needed housing to Saanich, accommodating a wide cross-section of housing needs with studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom homes. The proposal includes 43 below-market homes that would be sold at 15% below market value and remain as affordable housing in perpetuity, subject to a final partnership agreement with the Capital Regional Housing Corporation. 

Building Design

The proposed buildings are designed to celebrate their surroundings with nature-inspired materials and colours. The buildings’ graduated heights echo the natural slope of the site and step gently from 5 to 11 storeys, with the lower height portions closest to neighbouring homes. A compact V-shaped building footprint preserves generous separations on all sides of the property and creates opportunities for significant landscaped open space, including in a south-facing courtyard. 

Natural Landscape Design

A significant number of new trees and a lush environment of native plants, forest understory species, and ornamental flowering plants are proposed to complement and connect Doral Forest Park to the adjacent forest. The landscaping, including existing hedging at the southern property border and a new dense treed hedgerow on the west side of the property will create privacy and an attractive outlook for neighbouring properties. Strategically placed lawn areas will maintain sight-lines and provide dog-walking spaces for residents. In addition, the native forest at the Western corner of the property will be maintained as a nature covenant.

Sustainable Design

Doral Forest Park incorporates alternative transportation strategies, energy-efficient design and sustainable and durable building materials. The buildings are oriented to take advantage of and manage heat from the sun. Native and adaptive planting and water efficient irrigation techniques will reduce demand on the district’s water service and onsite stormwater management will mimic the natural hydrology of the adjacent forest.


Doral Forest Park is designed with underground parking for residents and visitors. It is located next to a major transit hub and near cycling trails to encourage alternative transportation. Two electric vehicles and 10 electric bikes will be purchased and located on-site for shared use among residents. Enhancements to pedestrian and transit stop infrastructure includes a tree-lined sidewalk that enhances connectivity to Elk and Beaver Lake Park.

Architecture and Landscaping

Would you like to learn more about the design rationale for Doral Forest Park? In this video, our architect and landscape architect provide an overview.

Doral Forest Park is located on Elk Lake Drive, next to Elk and Beaver Lakes at the northern entrance to the District of Saanich. 

Aug 2019
Meeting #1 with District of Saanich
Dec 2019
Public Open House
Feb 2020
Meeting #2 with District of Saanich
Feb 2020
Meeting with Community Association Executive
Feb 2020
Updated Rezoning / Development Permit Application
October 2020
Advisory Design Panel
December 2020
Council Meeting
June 15, 2021
Public Hearing
Building Permit
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Doral Forest Park received approval at a Saanich public hearing on June 17, 2021. Thank you to everyone who wrote letters of support or spoke in favour of the development.

We are still working toward final approval, so further details about these homes will not be available until the project is officially approved and a disclosure statement is in place.

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